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Easily inflates and can be reused over and over again

All balloons sold in our store are sold uninflated, so you will need to inflate them yourself.

Film balloons, which we specialize in, are an excellent product that, unlike rubber balloons, can be inflated and deflated as many times as you like a beach ball if handled with care.

In addition to balloons purchased at our store, balloons purchased at theme parks, live concert venues, 100 yen shops, etc. can also be deflated and reused in the same way.

This page explains how to inflate and deflate balloons.

When inflating with air

There is an injection port at the bottom (sometimes on the side) of the balloon, so you can easily inflate it by inserting the included straw and blowing into it.

You can also use a pump specifically designed for floats or beach balls. However, bicycle air pumps are not suitable as they can cause explosions.

Once the straw is inflated, the valve closes automatically when you remove the straw, so there is no need to tie it or cover it with tape.

This video provides an easy-to-understand visual explanation of how to inflate and deflate a balloon.

When inflating with helium

The procedure is the same as for air, but be careful not to burst as it is pressurized.

When using a large cylinder, adjust the pressure to 0.1 MPa or less with a regulator and proceed slowly.

When inflated with helium, it deflates very quickly, but there are no holes in it. Anagram balloons are relatively difficult to release helium.

For helium gas, we recommend YOUPlus Co., Ltd., which is inexpensive and of high quality.

Please note that balloons inflated with helium may cause accidents if they come into contact with electrical wires, so please do not release them outside .

How to deflate

When you insert the straw deeply into the inlet, the valve will open, and you can release the air by pushing it slowly with your hand. If you want to completely remove the air, suck it up with your mouth or with a vacuum cleaner, and you will be able to fold it neatly without making it as thick as when you bought it.

If the straws are not long enough, connect two straws with sellotape to extend the length.

How to let out the air is explained in the inflating video at the end.

If you don't have a straw on hand, you can roll up a piece of paper like a pamphlet and insert it into the injection port to remove the air. If you want to fold up the balloons you received at a theme park or live venue and take them home, please try this.

Decorate well and enjoy for a long time!

When inflating it, the trick is to leave it a little loose without making it too tight.

Especially in the summer, it expands and contracts repeatedly due to the temperature difference between day and night, which can damage it and cause it to leak easily.

UV rays from direct sunlight can also cause fading and tearing.

The check valve is delicate, so if you have difficulty inserting the straw, do not force it in; insert it slowly while blowing into it.

When storing, remove air completely, fold neatly, close in a file, etc., and store in a cool, dark place.

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